Pixel Eyewear - Glasses for Gamers

Pixel Eyewear - Glasses for Gamers

March 23, 2017

/ by Tin Salamunic

An estimated 65 percent of U.S. households, as surveyed by The Entertainment Software Association, own a video game-playing device. This includes consoles, PCs and handhelds. The same survey reveals that the average gamer within that percentage has spent around 13 years playing games. This doesn’t include daily TV watching and working in front of a computer. The point is, gamers like myself are overworking their eyes, and the potential for long term harm is difficult to escape.

At the end of each day, my eyes feel heavy and dry. If I’m not sitting in front of a monitor reviewing games and tech, I’m either playing games for personal enjoyment and/or work, or I’m binge-watching Netflix before falling asleep. While I try to remain healthy by taking regular breaks and using eye drops when necessary, the high-energy Blue Light emitted from various displays has unquestionably affected my sleep cycle over the years.

Pixel Eyewear, a company focused on mitigating digital eye strain, may be the answer to every gamer's problems. Designed to combat eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches, Pixel Eyewear offers a simple solution to an inescapably harmful problem. In a way, the Pixel Eyewear glasses work similarly to the Blue-Light settings on certain modern monitors, but they’re more effective and won't distort colors in the same, destructive manner. In fact, you’re treated to better perceived contrast and warmer tones, providing a more soothing viewing experience when sitting in front of a screen for extended periods of time.

"Pixel Eyewear, a company focused on mitigating digital eye strain, may be the answer to every gamer's problems."

Currently there are 11 models available from the Pixel Eyewear shop. We received two units for testing: the Buteo and the Meru. The glasses are simplistic in design, which makes them fashionably suitable across different styles. The frames are constructed well, and even though plastic is used across the entire body, it doesn’t look cheap. All models boast  Anti-Reflective Coating, Anti-Scratch Coating, Pixel Computer Lens (Clear Artificial Light Filter) and 100% UV protection. The glasses are extremely light, and they provide excellent comfort regardless of head shape/size.

I’ve been using the glasses for a little over a week now, and my eyes have become notably less tense. I’m usually struck by bad migraines between noon and two in the afternoon when the sun is at its strongest above my office skylight, but thanks to the glasses, the extreme light peaks don’t affect me as severely anymore. Gaming in particular has felt more comfortable and relaxing. Playing competitive games is especially tough on the eyes as you’re zigzagging through visually dense environments, so having a little extra visual clarity can come a long way.

Beside having substantial Blue-Light relief, the most significant benefit comes in the form of improved visuals. The effect is perceived differently from person to person, but you’re guaranteed to see objects with greater clarity and contrast. For me personally, the results are impressive, and the harsh impact of light is now even more pronounced when the glasses aren’t in use.  

"Overall, the Pixel Eyewear glasses are a phenomenal product, and they’re an absolute must-have if you spend the majority of the day in front of a screen."

If you’re a visual artist, however, the glasses may yield potential issues. Due to the nature of the lenses, colors are warmer and the increase in perceived contrast darkens the overall image. This could prove problematic if you’re a designer, photo editor or illustrator. To be fair, the glasses are specially designed as a medical aid for discomfort, but it’s worth pointing out if you’re someone within that particular line of work.

Currently, there are no prescription models available, so people who need glasses but don’t wear contacts are out of luck at the moment. The Pixel Eyewear site has a signup form for upcoming prescription options, but there aren’t any details available at the moment.  

Overall, the Pixel Eyewear glasses are a phenomenal product, and they’re an absolute must-have if you spend the majority of the day in front of a screen. If you’re an avid gamer or movie buff, these glasses should become an essential part of your gaming gear and entertainment setup. The only people who may have some issues are visual artists due to color differences, but that’s somewhat expected considering the lens engineering. One thing is for sure: once the prescription models become available, Pixel Eyewear will become my definite go-to place for glasses. 

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