7 Juicy SNES Games People Love Playing Even Today!

7 Juice SNES Games People Love Playing even Today!

March 28, 2017

/ by Tin Salamunic

It’s 2017. For Honor has been released recently and as far as I’m concerned it is yet another multiplayer COD game but for sword geeks. Nioh has been live for some time now. What can I say? It’s just a yet another rip off of the Souls series. Where am I going with this? All modern games are fairly similar. There is absolutely no diversity. If you have played one – you have played them all. Go online, kill people, pay up in micro transactions in a game you have already paid 60 bucks for. That’s it. Finito!

Back in the day games were better. They had flavor. They were unique, unforgettable even. Perhaps that’s why people still download tons of SNES free roms. They are, after all, a fun way to spend your time just like any game should be. But what are the top Super Nintendo games people still play in 2017?

Earthworm Jim

Wow, now that’s a legend. One of the fewer games that had a decent cartoon to promote it. People still like watching the cartoon as well, but that’s not the point. The hit-&-run mechanics of the game made this 2-D platformer an actual revolution in terms of gaming addiction. The cartoony artwork as well as the humor of the game make it relevant even today. The combination of these elements made a game about a worm in a space suit actually work and earn decent reviews. If that’s not impressive – what is?

Contra III

If the game about Jim is loved because of its light humor, casual gameplay and bright, colorful graphics then Contra III: The Alien Wars is its polar opposite. Gritty, dark levels, realistic (at the time) weapons as well as enemies, and an opportunity to actually kick some alien ass make this game work even today. No, seriously, just try it. You will be playing for days without even noticing it!

Super Punch-Out
A boxing game with a unique art style, a decent sense of humor and addictive mechanics – is it even possible? Super Punch-Out has proven it is. Alas no game up-to-date has managed to reproduce the overnight success of this hardcore beat-em-up experience. Words of warning: the opponents are tough enough to make you rage quit in the worst possible way – by throwing your gamepad at your screen. That noted, proceed at your own risk. 

Oh, and how could I forget? There are still games that require no introductions. Games like:
· Street Fighter II
· Mega Man 7
· Donkey Cong Country
· Final fantasy III
· Donkey Cong Country
· Have fun with gaming!

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