Marvel's Quest to Dominate Our Lives

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Few comic book companies have made such a glorious transition to the 21st century as Marvel Comics. Although DC Comics have provided some pretty good competition, it’s Marvel who have shown the initiative in becoming a far-reaching media brand who have given us massive blockbuster movies, fascinating merchandising, and even some pretty revolutionary video games.

It’s Marvel’s willingness to populate its many superheroes on the silver screen that’s really helped it become a world beater. Franchises like the X-Men and the Avengers have become some of the biggest hits of all-time, and what’s interesting is how Marvel have shown that superheroes aren’t just for kids.

As well as the foul-mouthed Deadpool delighting older fans, 2016 saw Doctor Strange offering a horror twist on the standard superhero caper. And with the Marvel panel using Comic-Cons to unveil their upcoming film hits, it’s presented fans with a chance to get closer to the action.

The brand have also been quick to take advantage of the rise of TV streaming services like Netflix. Some of the biggest streamed titles like Daredevil and Jessica Jones have come from the Marvel stable, and the Disney-owned company have also found real success in the gaming world.

Beloved titles like 2000’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation were some of the first games to embrace the open-world future, and the Marvel vs. Capcom games series show the brand’s willingness to work with successful gaming companies to spread the Marvel legend. Even adult gamers can find something apt for Marvel fans with Coral offering a Marvel-themed online roulette game that features many of these famous characters.

The company has also seriously ramped up its revenues with all manner of weird and wonderful Marvel-themed merchandise. From Marvel-emblazoned Adidas sneakers to Hulk Fist mugs, it seems that there’s nothing that can’t featured a little superhero action.

So where does Marvel go from here if it wishes to continue it’s global dominance? Already 2017 is looking to be a great year for the brand with many movies, TV shows, and mobile roulette games offering new outings for the likes of Thor, Spider-Man, The Punisher and Iron Fist.

But with Marvel already starting to take their first steps in the hugely exciting world of virtual reality, it looks like we can all soon get a little closer to our favourite superhero stars.


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