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December 2, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

I think it’s safe to assume that most of our home appliances will be controllable with our smart phones and tablets in the near future. I can already manage most of my audio and video equipment via iPhone and Android apps, so it’s only natural to expect the less conventional devices to follow the same path. Revogi, a newly launched tech startup, is aiming to bring us closer to that future. With Revogi’s line of Smart Light products, you’re given full control over the lights in your home from the convenience of a single app. 

Revogi sent us a few sample products to test, and we’re excited to share our experience with this unique, new technology. Our sample package includes the following items: Revogi Delite 2 Smart LED Lightbulb, Revogi Smart Color Lighstrip combo bundle, Revogi Smart Candle Light and the Revogi Smart Meter. I spent the last two weeks playing around with the different products, and I’m happy to report that the practicality of Revogi’s products is immediately apparent. 

Revogi Delite 2 Smart LED Lightbulb: The Smart Lightbulb is probably the most surprising product, mainly because I didn't see the appeal until I actually started using the light on a daily basis. I never thought I’d benefit so much from being able to manipulate my light source via a mobile app, but Revogi has turned a simple household item into something truly special. 

Before I get into its versatile features, it’s important to highlight the bulb’s impressive specs: A lifetime of 25000 hours (or 15 years at 4.5 h/day), 2700K-6500K or RGB Colors, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, a 15m range and a maximum wattage of 6.5 Watts. At 165g, the Revogi Smart light bulb is notably heavier than conventional light bulbs, but this is largely due to its extra hardware and Bluetooth capabilities. 

Installing the Revogi Delite 2 is as easy as screwing a conventional bulb into its source. Once installed, the Revogi app immediately picks up any of its active products via a quick scan, and you’re ready to start adjusting and tweaking settings to your liking. The Revogi app boasts a sleek and easy to use UI, and it takes seconds to master all the different functions. You can choose any color from its vast color wheel, you can adjust light brightness with a simple brightness slider, there are seven dynamic effects that can be enabled (like the music equalizer, kaleidoscope or candle flicker) and you can even set up a scene that combines the different modes into a singular stream. 

I found myself adjusting the light setting regularly to complement the current mood or whatever I was doing. I’d switch to a cool turquoise color setting when gaming (I found the specific color soothing), then I’d use a warmer color for movie watching, and I found myself leaning towards a dim purplish color whenever it rained outside—it created a very soothing work atmosphere in my office. Essentially, the Delite 2 ended up being way more than just a gimmick. It’s practical and far more useful than what one might expect!

Revogi Smart Meter: This is an essential product for people with home-offices and anyone who likes to keep an eye on their power consumption. The Smart Meter serves as a power outlet HUB for analyzing power consumption and usage costs of any plug-in appliance. Like all Revogi products, the Smart Meter is controlled via the same mobile app, and it provides the added benefit of letting users turn off appliances when they leave their home. The Smart Meter is non-intrusive and small. It weighs a mere 76.3 g and it works as a median between the power outlet and the device in use. I’m typically very energy conscious, but being able to see exactly which devices consume the most power has allowed me to save around $25-$30 a month, which can add up to quite a bit over the year. A word of caution though: If you’re using the Smart Meter with your computer, make sure the timers aren’t set to turn off when you walk away. It’s easy to leave the setting on and forget about it when switching devices. I accidentally had my PC turn off the first time I used the meter as I forgot to set it up properly—but to be fair, that was purely user error. 

Overall, the Revogi Smart Meter is an invaluable little tool that can benefit any household. It’s easy to use, and it can save you a good chunk of money once you isolate the most power hungry devices in your home or office. 

Revogi Smart Color Lightstrips: This is the perfect solution for those looking into bias lighting for their HDTVs and monitors. There are two different versions available: A small, two meter long strip that’s perfect for singular use, and a larger container with a three meter strip for multi-purpose use. The Revogi Smart Color Lightstrip works like most standard bias lights, but with the added benefit of letting users manipulate the light source thanks to Bluetooth 4.0. 

Just like the Revogi Delite 2 Smart LED Lightbulb, the Revogi app gives users full control over the colors and effects, which is practical if you prefer rotating different light setups while using the bias lighting. Using the Lightstrips in combination with the Delite 2 works especially well since you can coordinate all the light sources to work insync when activated. It’s a great way to give your entertainment setup that extra cinematic flair.

Revogi Smart Candle Light: The Smart Candle is, personally speaking, the least impressive out of all the products we received. While it offers the same kind of flexibility and control as all the other Revogi devices, I can’t see much use for it when compared to a traditional candle. Sure, the Smart Candle is capable of staying lit indefinitely, but the extra features aren’t as handy or useful. If I can already get candle-flicker and light effects from the Delite 2 light bulb, I see little reason for the candle. I suppose it’s useful for special occasions or for people who normally like to surround themselves with candle light (since this is MUCH safer), but other than that, it feels a bit too gimmicky when compared to the other excellent devices. 

The Revogi products are really impressive and they deliver on their promise of streamlining household items for greater accessibility and control. Considering that Revogi already offers home security systems with the same easy-to-use ecosystem, I’d highly recommend looking into their lineup for a more power-efficient and modernized home and office.  

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