Evolutions, Prevolutions and Eeveelutions – How Your Gen I Pokémon Will Change When Pokémon Go Releases Gen II

Evolutions, Prevolutions and Eeveelutions – How Your Gen I Pokémon Will Change When Pokémon Go Releases Gen II

September 8, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

There are a few things players of Pokémon Go are very vocally calling on Niantic to add to the game as soon as possible: the ability to trade Pokémon, PVP battles, and perhaps most importantly, new Pokémon. There has never been any doubt that the Pokémon from later generations would be making their way into the game over time, however now that most serious players are well over half way to completing their Pokedex and several players already have, it seems that now would be a good time to bring in that extra variety. Most fans would rather they put the effort into this than into shutting down third party helper sites and tools like Pokevision – especially considering how avidly people have been looking for new ways to track Pokémon on game cheat sites like

Anticipating Gen II 
With the initial hype having dwindled and usage in decline, it is very likely that Niantic will be looking to implement new features, mechanics and of course Pokémon as soon as they realistically can to keep the remaining player base engaged and try and win back some of the people who got bored of the pidgeys and zubats and quit it. No release date has been set as of yet, but this doesn't seem to be a developer who gives players huge amounts of notice about exciting updates so it really could happen at any time.

One of the best things about the second generation of Pokémon, or 'gen II' as it is usually known within the fandom, is that as well as entirely new Pokémon it also introduces new ways to evolve Pokémon you already own from gen I. Here are some of the gen II Pokémon that fall into lineages from gen I:

New Evolutions for Existing Pokémon
Some of the coolest Pokémon currently in the game don't evolve into anything in gen I, but when gen II comes in we will be able to evolve onix into steelix, scyther into scizor, chansey into blissey, and porygon into porygon 2.0. As well as these single stage Pokémon finally getting an evolution, some lines get a third evolution – horsea and seadra gain a third evolution in kingdra, and zubat and golbat gain crobat as a third form. Stock up on candies for all of these wherever you can!

Alternate Evolutions and Eevees
In gen I, the only Pokémon with alternate evolutions is eevee. In gen II, there are not only two additional 'eeveelutions' in the form of umbreon and espeon, but there will also be an alternate evolution for gloom called bellossom (which is much prettier than vileplume), and for poliwhirl in the form of politoed.

Another feature of the second generation is 'baby' Pokémon, that is, stages of evolution that actually come before the Pokémon in gen I, like pichu, which evolves into pikachu and igglybuff which is the 'baby' form of jigglypuff.

These changes are sure to make the Pokémon you already have more interesting prospects moving forward with the game.

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