Plex Announces First All-In-One Plex Box with NVIDIA SHIELD

Plex Announces First All-In-One Plex Box with NVIDIA SHIELD

June 10, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

Today, Plex announced some significant news from both a consumer offering, as well as a tech advancement that offers an even greater (and easier) experience for organizing and streaming your personal media collections. In short, Plex is heading toward the mainstream.

Coming in late June, people will be able to use the popular Android TV entertainment device, NVIDIA SHIELD, as a Plex Media Server, which means you no longer need an always-on, dedicated PC, Mac or NAS to use Plex (although it still works great with these!). Already used by millions of people, this new development is a step toward serving a more mass audience. SHIELD will offer the easiest, most simple way to use Plex to-date and opens up the appeal of the service beyond the group that feels comfortable running a PC/Mac or NAS 24/7. This is the first all-in-one Plex box that combines the power of the Plex Media Server with superior playback capabilities, such as supporting 4K video at 60fps, and it can even support multiple simultaneous streams. Not only does this come pre-installed, it’s free to use, just like all other Plex Android TV apps.

Plex is already available on more than 40 platforms, including SHIELD, but the technology accomplishment of turning this device into a Plex server for an even greater entertainment experience cannot be overlooked.

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