Rewind DVDCompare - Interview with Cinemassacre’s James Rolfe, Mike Matei, and Bootsy

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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably come across one of AVGN's hilarious let's-plays of terrible, old games. James Rolfe, aka The Angry Video Game Nerd, has become a Youtube phenomenon since the channel's launch in 2006. Together with Mike Matei and Bootsy, James and his crew quickly rose to cult status among gamers, and their work has inspired some of the biggest gaming YouTube personalities today.

Our good friend from Rewind DVDCompare, James-Masaki Ryan, recently had the opportunity to interview the entire Cinemassacre team. The interview covers the team's entire history - what inspired the crew when they were younger, how they got started and the many challenges they faced as their popularity grew...and most importantly, there's plenty of talk about games, movies and the challenges movie collectors face when trying to find the right versions of their favorite films. You can read the full interview on Rewind's site


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