2016's Greatest Multiplayer Gaming Hits

2016's Greatest Multiplayer Gaming Hits

June 21, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

In the past few years there’s been a real trend in the gaming world to embrace the full potential of the multiplayer experience. With team versus team titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends paving the way for some seriously chaotic gaming exploits, there have been a few traditional single-players that have sought to get in on the multiplayer action.

Multiplayer games have always been a central part of any gaming scene. From late night poker sessions to four-player versions of Mario Kart on the N64, there’s nothing like getting a team of people together to really ensure some quality and chaotic gaming.

This is perhaps why we’ve seen such an impressive rise in online casino sites in the past decade. Online gaming brands such as Lucky Nugget Casino have made the simple game of online roulette more fun than ever before thanks to the way in which it maintained the social aspect of casino gaming, but made it much more convenient by implementing the latest mobile technology.

In addition to this is the phenomenal craze of the likes of Minecraft whose amazing collaborative world-building experiences have also done much to make the standard single-player game look a little old-fashioned.

As a result of the staggering success of multiplayer games like these we’ve seen many established video games taking their first tentative steps into the multiplayer domain. One of the most iconic single-player games of all-time, Doom, took a surprising turn when it was announced that the 2016 revamp would feature some groundbreaking multiplayer options.

Doom 4 made full use of the franchise’s terrifying heritage, but really ramped up the action with four-player death-matches, and even a clan arena gaming option. And as well as the warpath and domination multiplayer modes, the carnage was also multiplied by the fact that players could pick up a pentagram and transform into one of the game’s iconic demons.

However, despite largely positive reviews for the single-player version of Doom 4, the multiplayer version received a little criticism in that it was found to be a little derivative of other successful first-person shooters like Quake Arena.

The efforts by the likes of Doom to adapt to the 21st century gaming environment can also be seen in other first-person-shooters such as the Tom Clancy franchise. 2016 saw Tom Clancy’s The Division manage to make combating a smallpox outbreak in Manhattan a lot more fun than it sounds thanks to the great multiplayer options that included collaborative, as well as endlessly fun player-versus-player features.

And another combative gaming hit that included some chaotic multiplayer options was Dark Souls III that gleefully supplemented the wide range of attack modes with the ability to summon friends and to work as a team to take down a range of particularly ghoulish enemies.

So whether you’re into hack’n’slash capers, violent alien battles, or even classic online roulette games, there looks to be no end to the fascinating development of gaming in 2016.

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