Key Mechanisms Of Social Casino Gaming

Key Mechanisms Of Social Casino Gaming

May 16, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

Nowadays social casinos are a subject of great controversy. Some say it’s gambling, some say it isn’t. Where’s the golden middle here? See for yourself. All in all, there’re 4 cornerstones defining gambling:

  • Betting
  • Game of chance
  • Either losing
  • Or winning 

Let’s take an example of a classic online casino powered by You make a bet, spin the real and either win or lose. However, with social casinos there’re no winners and no losers. A peculiar thing is social casinos are played with virtual chips. No real money is bet or won. As a result, more and more people come to play social casinos for the sake of fun. Without the risk of losing their money, players are getting more and more engaged into the process, inviting friends and spending chips together.

But what’s there in it for you?
Where a social casino owner earns in such case?
Indeed, the answer isn’t easy to plumb, so let’s us dig a little bit deeper to a place where diamonds are born.

Here’s where the money comes from
As a creator of a social casino app you let users play slots, cards, roulette or poker for virtual chips. Basically, chips are free but like everything great in life they have a magic ability to run out. Do you see where it’s going from here?

Every day when entering an app a user is given a specific amount of chips. One spin leads to another… Suddenly, a user finds himself out of means to play favorite casino games on and starts looking for a way to prolong the funness and carry on competing with friends and social network contacts in general.

Now you come in with an offer to BUY VIRTUAL CHIPS FOR REAL MONEY. 
And here a $ industry stands in all its beauty. Although users can’t win or lose any money playing casino games, they can opt for virtual chips and various game boosting bonuses for real money.

  • Pass from level to level quicker
  • Gain access to more profound game analysis tools to beat friends harder 
  • Be on top of the ranking 
  • Unlock secret game levels
  • Ability to invite friends
  • VIP skins 

Your inner-app store can offer a plethora of nifty goodies users buy for actual cash. Still, social casinos are considered FREE-TO-PLAY, which is a gambit of the millennia. Additional money-earning sources As far as social casinos go, they revolve around a freemium concept of app distribution on Play Market and Apple Store. You download a game for free and enjoy the process without a single penny spent. However, to be good at it and beat real players certain boosters and extra virtual chips are to be purchased.

A classy thing is a user might never look to buy anything from your app store, however in a month or two when competing with a friend a wild urge to finally get this play-hard-kick-hard bonus and show the opponent who’s the boss wins over. As a result, real money is spent, flowing gracefully to your bank account. Finally, there’s such thing as an affiliate program. Place third-party banners and promo materials in your app, display them to users and raise extra money almost without a hitch. Profits, social casino profits everywhere!   

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