Rating Batman's Success in Different Gaming Realms

Rating Batman's Success in Different Gaming Realms

March 31, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

Few fictional characters have had such an impressive impact on modern media as Batman. Since the 1940s the Caped Crusader has become an iconic figure who’s successfully made the transition from comic book to television screens, and looks to get his biggest movie outing yet when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to cinemas on 25 March 2016. But it’s the gaming world that has seen some of Batman’s most interesting adventures. From the primitive early attempts on the Spectrum and Amstrad computers in the mid-1980s, to the latest mobile-friendly online slot gaming exploits, the DC Comics icon has shown an impressive ability to thrive on a variety of platforms and genres.

The title that’s shown just how impressive the character can be portrayed in modern gaming is undoubtedly Batman: Arkham Knight. This 2015 release instantly gained rave reviews for its PS4, Xbox One and Windows adaptations that saw the player exploring the open-world environment of Gotham City in a bulletproof Batmobile.

Key to the success of the game was the endless array of characters such as Catwoman, Penguin and Two-Face who managed to achieve an enhanced realism through the next-gen console’s graphical and storytelling capabilities.Despite the overwhelming success of the Arkham Knight release, the Caped Crusader has also found success in the mobile gaming arena. The string of titles for Android and iOS devices such as Arkham Underworld revealed the strategic gaming fun that could be had on smartphones as you recruit a series of super-villains to attack your rivals.

And given the impressive diversity of the mobile gaming realm, it was no surprise to find that online casino brands such have given you the chance to play slot games like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises and Batman where pulling a lever can make you rich and provide more evidence of how versatile the character is in a range of formats.

The sheer convenience offered by the mobile gaming experience delivers a handy parallel to the next-gen gaming advances with the comic-book origins of the Batman character being particularly well-suited to the smaller screen. And despite the fact that Arkham Knight developers Rocksteady Games initially stated that the title would be a fitting conclusion to their gaming trilogy, recent online rumors have suggested that it won’t just be on online slots that Batman will be appearing in the coming months.

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