DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse Review

The QPAD DX-20 Pro is, based on my personal experience, flawless.

March 21, 2016

/ by Tin Salamunic

When most of your day consists of sitting in front of a computer, it’s easy to become picky about every aspect of your work setup. This is especially true if the same space is used for gaming. My keyboard and mouse are my most essential tools. If one piece isn't up to snuff, my workflow and work quality are severely impacted, not to mention my gaming performance when competing against friends online. For work, my keyboard carries the most responsibilities due to heavy typing, and for gaming, my mouse. 

After testing QPAD’s latest DX-20 Pro for a week, I think I’ve finally found a mouse that performs flawlessly across every task. The DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse is a professional piece of tech designed for E-Sport enthusiasts, and it’s consequently the best work mouse I’ve ever used. Like the recently reviewed GH-85 headset, the DX-20 doesn’t concern itself with extravagant extras. Its quality lies in the raw, unmatched performance and gaming-grade optical sensor precision.

The DX-20 ships in an attractive, fully-padded box that’s consistent across all QPAD products. The mouse is constructed with simplicity and elegance in mind. The ambidextrous shape provides usability for both left and right-handed users. The body is on the smaller side, which allows for a better, more comfortable, grip. The smooth surface is covered with a slightly matte material that serves as an effective dust and fingerprint repellent, and it prevents slipping should your hands become sweaty during prolonged gaming sessions.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many gaming mice tend to feel slightly hollow. By that, I mean the interior air pockets can be sensed when wrapping your hand around the body. This doesn’t necessarily affect performance for most people, but it creates a certain disconnect between the gamer and the game. The DX-20’s smaller, denser build and 1:1 mouse movement provides unparalleled precision and immersion. The improved solidity is great for competitive gaming as it handles grip pressure effortlessly. The carefully engineered sensors feature game-critical zero-mouse acceleration for pixel-perfect moment matching between the mouse user and the onscreen cursor.

"The DX-20 Pro Gaming Optical Mouse is a professional piece of tech designed for E-Sport enthusiasts, and it’s consequently the best work mouse I’ve ever used."

The engineering excellence doesn't stop there. The DX-20 Pro is designed to work on any surface. I tested this by using the mouse on every available surface in our office, and I was shocked to see how consistently it performs without a pad. This is great news for E-Sports competitors who like to bring their own tools to matches. It’s also great for anyone who likes to bring along an extra mouse for their laptops or Chromebooks. You can rest assured that, regardless of where you are, the DX-20 delivers without a hitch. There’s no lag. There’s no delay. The movement is perfect.

Despite its lean style, the DX-20 Pro packs plenty of extra features and pizzaz. The DX-20 has a customizable bottom-plated RGB LED and a logo RGB LED. Even though the DX-20 is a plug-and-play mouse, there is a free, downloadable software that lets users tweak the lighting settings and create custom profiles. With its 128kb on-board memory, the DX-20 can store multiple profiles for easy access when connecting to a different device.    

The software boasts a clean, metro-style UI design that’s both attractive and intuitive. The large, colorful menu blocks consist of the following options: buttons, basic, advanced, macro rec, lights, support and register. Smaller side-menus are used for system settings and quick profile selections, but aside from that, the program is relatively small and only offers the most essential settings without wasting space on useless extras.  

The QPAD DX-20 Pro is, based on my personal experience, flawless. I’ve been using this mouse exclusively for an entire week and I haven’t stumbled across a single fault. I gamed with it, I worked with it, I took it on a trip over the weekend, and it performed beautifully at all times. The DX-20 retails for only 69 Euros ($77.63), which is an absurdly low price for a mouse of this quality. QPAD doesn’t sell their products in the US yet, but the QPAD is so good it’s absolutely worth importing. If you’re looking for a reliable mouse that’s equally powerful across both gaming and work, the QPAD is currently the undisputed champ. 

Review by: Tin Salamunic


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