Gamdias Hermes 7 Color Keyboard Review

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It’s only February, but 2016 is already shaping up to be a strong year in the tech world. Creative Labs just released their most ambitious speaker to date, the recently reviewed Creative iRoar, Edifier has everyone excited about their new Luna E 5.1 speaker system and Gamdias is already releasing two new keyboard models: the Hermes RGB and the Hermes 7 Color mechanical gaming keyboard, which I’m looking at today.

Gamdias has made their career by offering gamers high-quality peripherals at extremely low prices, and their new Hermes 7 Color is no exception. At $109, the Hermes 7 Color doesn’t quite fit in the budget category, but considering its superb performance and excellent built quality, the new Hermes costs half of what a keyboard with this many features typically retails for. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade to something more flexible and feature-rich without having to break bank.

"It’s an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade to something more flexible and feature-rich without having to break bank."

The Hermes 7 Color boasts a slightly different body design from previous Gamdias models. The stylish Zeus logo, which normally sits in the center of the handrest, is now tucked away by the keyboard chord and it no longer illuminates in yellow. Unlike the detachable handrest in the Hermes KGB2010 (my personal favorite Gamdias keyboard from a few years ago), the new Hermes provides a larger, solid surface that’s just big enough to rest your palms without taking up too much desk space. The body carries the signature industrial feel of all Gamdias peripherals, which means it’s built to last and can withstand the most heavy handed of users. 

The “7 Color” in the name refers to the seven backlight colors. These can be adjusted to either have all keys illuminate in one of the seven colors, or you can have different sections on the keyboard color coordinated, which helps visually isolate key areas for quicker response time. The Hermes 7 Color comes with a good chunk of extras, as long as you don’t expect a buffet of tweaks and unique features. Some of the highlights include: 1000Hz polling rate, anti-ghosting/N-Key, 11 speed adjustment levels, consecutive attack mode, custom pattern edit mode, fitted for right and left handed gamers, 50 million keystroke lifecycle and TTC Blue Switches for better feedback when typing.

"Overall, the Gamdias Hermes 7 Color performs well beyond what you’d expect from a keyboard at this price point."

When I reviewed the Hermes Lite last year, my biggest complaint was the key hypersensitivity that made typing very difficult. Gamdias has completely fixed the issue now as the Hermes 7 Color feels superb for typing. Keys are snappy and responsive, there is a satisfying clickiness that follows each stroke and I no longer have the problem of double-typing letters just by merely brushing a key. 

For my gaming tests, i played a combination of FPS and MMO titles, basically games that require a lot of quick key presses and fast reflexes. The Hermes 7 Color performs beautifully regardless of the genre. Whether you’re playing competitive titles like CS:GO or Call of Duty, or you’re slicing your way through the new Black Desert Online, the Hermes 7 Color performs smoothly and elegantly. The keys are light and don’t require heavy pressing like with the Cougar Attack X3, but some people, like myself, actually prefer a little more resistance behind their keys. As a result, the Hermes 7 Color can sometimes feel a little too smooth depending on your personal preferences.

Overall, the Gamdias Hermes 7 Color performs well beyond what you’d expect from a keyboard at this price point. It’s a big step-up from previous Hermes models in terms of build quality and performance, and it carries enough extra features to cover the most essential gaming needs. At $109, the keyboard is priced well below the high-end premium, so it will appeal to both casuals and professionals alike.  

Review by: Tin Salamunic



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