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The holidays are a great time to look for things you either want for yourself or for someone else in your life. Gamers are no exception. With a near infinite number of gadgets and accessories out there to make their experience perfect, it can be hard to find the right gift. Knowing what kind of gamer the recipient is will make everything easier and help you narrow down the plethora of choices. Here are three favorites to help you jump start your search.

The PC gaming experience is probably the most customizeable out there, and each player has his or her own personal style.Keyboards are the bread and butter in the PC gamer's arsenal. Finding the perfect keyboard can be difficult, but there are some things to look for. Mechanical keyboards are considered some of the best for gaming because of their quick action and stiff feeling. Razer and Logitech both make gaming mechanical keyboards. Some will light up, others are quieter and some have extra buttons that can be customized to perform special commands depending on the game.

Solid state hard drives are the new RAM of computer enhancements. While the adage of adding more RAM can help improve a PC's performance does still hold true, adding an SSD will help even more. Any PC from desktop to laptop will boot up in seconds, thanks to the speed at which an SSD operates. This effect will carry over into game play by allowing the games to load faster and keep up with the high speed at which many games take place.

Mobile can be a bit tricky when thinking about accessories, but one place you can never really go wrong with is extra batteries. Thankfully we've moved past the point of needing to carry around a handful of AA batteries wherever we go to get our gaming fix. Now portable batteries have gotten cheap enough that having a 20,000 mAh battery, which is roughly 8x that of the Galaxy S6, isn't out of the question. So from phone to Nintendo DS gaming as long as you can find a cable for your device that has USB on one side, which almost all do, you can play for hours upon hours uninterrupted.

Other than new games, a console gamer probably only has one thing on his or her mind: a new controller. Every gamer is a little bit different, but every default controller is the same. When the original Xbox was released a major gripe many had was the size of the controller; it was just too big for many people. Microsoft realized this with the Xbox 360 and One with much more modestly sized controllers. But that still isn't perfect for everyone. Maybe it's too big or too small or just doesn't have enough buttons.

The Xbox One Elite controller at least fixes that last problem. The Elite controller allows a wide range of customization from swapping out the control sticks for different sizes and shapes or adding paddles to the bottom giving you extra places to map quick actions. This controller also can be plugged into a PC and given a near infinite number of customization options done on a game-by-game basis. This way, no matter how many games you have you'll always be able to change the control layout to fit your needs.

Article by: Cherie Nelson


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