Top Apps & Games for the iPhone 6s/Plus

Top Apps & Games for the iPhone 6s/Plus

November 11, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Chances are good that a lot of people will be opening up Apple's classic white boxes this holiday season to find a shiny new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus. The numbers back it up. According to a survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, two thirds of Americans plan to give the gift of the latest technology this holiday season, and 70 million to 75 million of those gadgets will be the latest iteration of the iPhone. 

The natural next step for those many millions of new iPhone owners is what to do with the devices. Hopefully holiday generosity will inspire lots of people to stuff stockings with iTunes gift cards so giftees can load up those new iPhones with apps. Here are just some of the best apps and games for the ones lucky enough to have received a brand new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

Pinnacle Studio Pro: DIY movie makers will love this mobile video editing app that easily supports 4K content and cloud-based media plus comes with a retooled professional audio mixer and access to tunes from Triple Scoop Music. 

ooVoo: Yes, it's another app that lets users send text, voice and video over wi-fi, but there's a twist. Contact up to 12 people at a time, turn texting sessions into video calls with a touch and don't worry about populating a contact list because it can pull your address book from other apps. 

Sky Guide: It has been called not only the most beautiful but also the most useful sky-gazing app out there. Packed full of facts, it's also fully optimized for the new larger iPhone so what you see on the screen looks almost as amazing as what you see in the sky. 

Browsecurely: Keep your newly immersive mobile web experience safe and secure with this app that prevents other apps from tracking your browsing and usage habits. It's free, but the developer is open to receiving tips. 

Dub Dash: Firing up a game with intense graphics is a great way to take the newest big screen iPhone for a spin. This fresh take on Geometry Dash will give your eyes a feast and your brain a real workout. 

Flipboard: Never has your own personal magazine looked as good as it will on the latest iPhone's bigger, better screen. Keep up with the topics and news that interests you in readable text and gloriously rendered pictures.  

Hulu: The picture-in-picture feature of iOS 9 will get plenty of play with this app, which has released an update that lets users make the most of it. Keep watching on that big screen while you answer texts or take on the never-ending challenge of reaching inbox zero. 

Pinterest: The big reason to download the now classic pin board app is that it's been optimized for 3D Touch, making it easier to get to trending boards with a touch and to create boards of your own. 

If you're giving the gift of a new iPhone 6s – whether to someone on your list or to yourself because you've been extra good this year – know that T-Mobile's price structure is one of the best deals out there for new iPhone devices. And don't forget! While it's going to be a while before you see tons of apps and games truly optimized for the 6s and 6s Plus' laundry list of new features, chances are your old favorites will run super smoothly on this device's upgraded processor – so download freely and enjoy.

Article by: Jessica Oaks

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