The Rise of Mobile Gaming Popularity

The Rise of Mobile Gaming Popularity

November 9, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

The gaming industry is one that is constantly in a state of flux. Any industry that's so inexplicably tied to Moore's Law will always be a fast moving one, but when you throw in trends in genres, changes in audience make-up and the general throws of innovation, things are going to move at an even quicker rate. Mobile devices and the apps that play on them have been one of the standout tech developments in recent years, so much so that developers need to cotton on to this new way to game. Why are mobile devices so important though?

First up, the sheer audience size that is directly attributable to mobile devices is large enough to warrant the development of gaming applications and mobile-optimised sites. Before smartphones and tablets came along there was a huge portion of society that would never had gamed - PCs and consoles simply hadn't done enough to shed the notions that they were only for the nerdy and hardcore. Now that anyone can play casually on their smartphones, wherever they are, whenever they'd like, gaming has truly entered the mainstream. Just look at the sheer number of people who play Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, to name but a few. There's a huge audience just waiting to be utilized.

Next, if you have a gaming site or game that is played through browsers, if someone tries to access it via smartphone and it's not optimized, you've probably just lost a potential customer. Check for vipclubcasino's mobile casino, who've cottoned on to this fact very early on, given the fact that mobile-optimized sites will draw in users, make the site look its best and assure players that the site itself is legitimate - a very important thing when you consider the constant banking deposits and withdrawals taking place within casino oriented gaming. Peace of mind is everything.

Finally, apps and websites allow the gaming experience to be a far more fluid and enjoyable experience. Yes, discs and downloads are pretty good for PC and console gamers, but with a smartphone that might only have 8GB of hard drive space, needing to fit games into a neat, stream-able package is an absolute necessity. Apps also allow developers to market and advertise new games, undertake promotions and embark on brand-building exercises that boost player numbers and improve individuals' identification with the game or developer itself. That kind of company-customer relationship is difficult to build and uphold, but apps are perfectly poised to carry out such a task.

What's your favorite gaming site or app? Would you be turned off if your favourite developer didn't invest in applications? Let us know your thoughts below!

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