How Online Gaming Is Shaping the Industry

How Online Gaming Is Shaping the Indusrty

November 11, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Thanks to online gaming gaining such rapid popularity, it has never been easier to connect with other gaming enthusiasts from around the world. Better networking has allowed developers to be more in tune with what gamers are really looking for in a game. Players can even pre-order games on popular platforms and have the title automatically downloaded or arrive at their home on release day. We are also seeing an expansion of interest in games from people who previously never considered themselves gamers. 

Online gaming has not only made traditional shooters like Call of Duty or Halo more accessible and popular, but the more traditional games like card games, casino games and bingo games are now more readily available to anyone without the need to take trips to dedicated venues. Check this website for online bingo as an example of  how far online gaming has evolved.

In the past, many people would meet up at locations to play games. LAN parties still exist to some degree and are much easier to arrange due to newlyy developed social platforms on consoles and mobile devices. It is more common for players to meet up on fan forums or Facebook pages. Players can use the event function to arrange times to meet up online and play games together. 

Developers need to have good ways to let gamers know about games before and after they are released. Online gaming makes it easy for developers to directly engage with their audience within their own game, and share news and updates about upcoming releases. Gaming enthusiasts often reshare information, so they are actually helping developers advertise.

Since advertising this way is so inexpensive, game developers can keep prices lower, so games are more accessible to people on a budget. The lower cost encourages fans to buy more games. It is also proven that if the cost of trying something new is lower, then more people will try it. This means that more people will become gamers if they see it as an affordable hobby.

Console and PC games are popular, but many people are finding out about the pleasures of mobile gaming. There are many people that have a smartphone already, so it is easy for them to try out mobile games such as Angry Birds. Social media plugins allow them to recruit friends to play, announce milestones they have reached in the game, and get regular updates. Mobile games are popular because they can be played almost anywhere, require no extra equipment, and are highly affordable. They're also allowing a more casual audience to engage with their friends. Now you can play card or Bingo games virtually with your friends from the comfort of your home.

If you like to game, you should think about creating your own game day with your friends from around the world. If you haven't played much with others, then now is the time to start. Online gaming makes it easy to meet new friends and encourages you to set aside some time to do something you love. If you have a good friend that games, you can even set up a tournament. Online gaming is shaping the industry in many exciting ways, and we can't wait to see where the industry goes as tech continues to develop, and online service become faster and more stable. 

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