Gamdias EROS Elite Stereo Gaming Headset Review

The EROS Elite Stereo Gaming Headset may the first Gamdias product that left me wanting more.

November 4, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

I’ve been covering Gamdias’ gaming headphones since 2013, and I’ve always been a huge fan of their over-the-top design and exceptional audio quality. Gamdias continues to be one of my top gaming peripheral manufacturers, but their latest headphone lineup has seen a substantial quality decline. I recently reviewed the EROS Elite EQ Surround Sound Gaming Headset, and even though I generally enjoyed the audio, I was disappointed with the headset’s lack of improvements over previous models.

The stereo version of the same headset suffers from similar issues, and I’m starting to think Gamdias may need to step up their game if they want to remain competitive next to veterans like SteelSeries, Sound Blaster and Turtle Beach who continue innovating with each new model. The EROS Elite Stereo Gaming Headset isn’t a bad headset by any means, but it’s also not a real upgrade to their older, and now cheaper, Eros V2 model. In fact, I still prefer the V2’s audio performance over the EROS Elite Stereo.

One area where the new EROS lineup shines is the build quality and design. Gamdias is shifting towards a more modern aesthetic, and while neither Elite models can match the industrial feel of their Hephaestus headset, they’re notably sturdier and more matte thanks to a new dust-repelling material. It’s also worth noting that the packaging has become more streamlined, and it no longer requires a chainsaw to get through all the padding and plastic. The headphones slide out easily, and are presented in a much sleeker box.       

As usual, the headset comes with plenty of noteworthy features, like Playstation 4 and PC compatibility, a built-in cooling structure that provides comfortable temperature after long gaming sessions, switchable ear pads, a smart remote controller, a 3.5 mm gold-plated plug and a lightweight headband for maximum comfort.  

The EROS Elite Stereo delivers solid sound quality when gaming. Explosions and action-packed scenes have a rich crunchiness to them, and the 50mm drivers pack a powerful bass. However, mid-range sounds tend to get lost in the mix. When too much is going on in a scene, the trembling bass tends to overpower the finer details, which is particularly troublesome if you’re watching movies instead of gaming. Music is certainly not recommended, as the sound can’t properly separate the different frequencies, and the music quality ends up sounding rather flat and uneven. Overall, the EROS Elite Stereo isn’t bad if you’re looking for a cheap headset  just for gaming, but Edifier’s G2 Gaming Headset may be a better alternative within a similar price range. 

The EROS Elite Stereo Gaming Headset may the first Gamdias product that left me somewhat dissapointed. By now, I’m expecting much better technical specifications from Gamdias, and the Eros Stereo just doesn’t do much beyond average. You could certainly do a whole lot worse, but considering the endless choices within the gaming headphone market, there are much better alternatives. 

Review by: Tin Salamunic


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