Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Review

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Divinity: Original Sin is arguably one of the biggest role playing surprises in recent years, as well as an exemplary Kickstarter success story. At its core, the game embraces traditional gameplay mechanics while introducing enough modern features to deliver a unique mix of old and new. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition introduces hundreds and hundreds of fixes, changes and refinements to the base game, and even if you’ve played the original extensively, the Enhanced Edition is unquestionably worth the asking price. 

The Enhanced Edition of Divinity: Original Sin is now more console friendly thanks to gamepad support, but it takes some getting used to as it provides gameplay that’s a stark contrast to most AAA releases these days. While many publishers try to appeal to a wide audience, developer Larian Studios remains committed to a niche fan base that values more traditional RPGs. Divinity: Original Sin is challenging, and requires time and patience. In essence, it’s somewhat comparable to the original Dragon Age: Origins (in terms of depth and complexity), and feels refreshing after seeing so many great RPGs being reduced to a derivative slogfest. 

There are a lot of changes here. In fact, I’d go as far as calling Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition an entirely new game, and not just a fancy upgrade. There’s the aforementioned controller support and next-gen console releases, as well as an updated story with full voice acting and new characters and areas, a new loot system, and the list goes on and on. You can actually view the entire changelog on the developer’s main forums.

Instead of regurgitating past summaries of the original release, I’m going to try and answer one simple question: Should you get Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition if you’re a console gamer? The short answer is yes. Absolutely yes! But, let’s see what makes this game so great, and who it’s meant for. It’s rare to see such a PC-centric release transition to consoles so well, and this is generally the kind of game most console gamers tend to miss out on. But with Divinity, and the recent Wasteland 2 console port, the landscape seems to be changing for the better.

"Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is a masterpiece, and probably one of the most polished and expansive projects funded on Kickstarter."

Just by looking at the screenshots, it’s easy to mistake Divinity: Original Sin for yet another Diablo clone. In reality, the only thing the two games have in common is the isometric camera angle and maybe a somewhat similar aesthetic (although Divinity is more vibrant and playful). Divinity plays like a turn-based strategy game with exploration and puzzle solving thrown into the mix. Instead button mashing through hordes on countless enemy waves, each encounter presents a memorable experience due to superb gameplay design and challenging AI. Even on the normal setting, Divinity can be excruciatingly tough if you’re not familiar with old-school RPGs. 

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is a masterful revision of an already superb adventure. At a time when HD remakes are becoming a little too common, Larian Studios shows us how a proper definitive edition is made. It’s a must-play for any RPG fan, and anyone who grew up with the genre in the mid to late 90’s. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is a masterpiece, and probably one of the most polished and expansive projects funded on Kickstarter.   

Review by: Tin Salamunic | Reviewed on: Playstation 4



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