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I don’t typically review tech outside the gaming and audio realms, but every once in a while something really unique arrives at our office that's worth discussing. Today, we’re taking a look at the Cycliq Fly6, a tail light and HD camera combo that’s both stylish, and surprisingly useful for anyone who enjoys bicycling. This unique item began as a Kickstarter project a little over a year ago, and has since then become a rather successful piece of gear for bicycle enthusiasts.

The Fly6 is packaged in a rather luxurious looking box, and comes with a plethora of additional items: a micro USB cable, a MicroSD, the seat post mount, four standard strap pieces, two longer straps, two 0 degree spacers, one five degree spacer, one 10 degree spacer, an aero post spacer, a SD card adapter and of course a useful quick start guide. This is an impressive amount of content for what is basically a super fancy tail light.

"The Fly6 is packaged in a rather luxurious looking box, and comes with a plethora of extras."

The Fly6 itself is well designed and boasts numerous features: a courtesy dimmer, a 720p HD camera, three LED lights, a charging light, a micro USB port, a MicroSD slot and an easy to access power button. The Fly6 can be charged via its supplied USB cable by connecting the device to a PC or Mac, and the battery lasts a whopping six hours. Once the Fly6 is attached to your computer, you can modify the time and date via Textedit or Notepad by opening the CONFIG.TXT file and modifying 0 to 1 in the first row, and adjusting the time accordingly. I would personally prefer a downloadable software that allows users to manage both the settings and video files, but the more traditional approach works just as well.

Installing the Fly6 onto your bike is relatively easy. It’s a matter of sliding the seat post mount onto the Fly6 until a click is heard, and you’re all done. With all the different spacers, you can adjust the positioning as you please, as long as the Fly6 is at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Once attached, the Fly6 is very inconspicuous, and it’s hard to tell that there’s a camera recording your every move. Not a bad way to catch a hit and run in case of an accident.

"Cycliq’s Fly6 is a pretty unique device, and certainly something every bicycling enthusiast should look into."

To turn on the Fly6, you press down on the power button until the LED illuminates and you hear the battery life beep go off. You can cycle between three flashing sequence modes via the power button, and you can regulate the dimming brightness by cycling through the different settings with the dimming button. The flexibility is impressive, and it’s easy to switch to the desired mode within seconds.   

The Incident Capture Mode works by initiating the recording when the device tilts more that thirty degrees from its horizontal position. The mode is activated with three beeps, and continues to record for an hour before turning off with another three beeps. The footage can then be transferred to your computer and viewed with VLC Media Player. You can convert the footage to other video formats using the free Smart Converter, and you can edit captured footage using VideoLAN. The 720p resolution isn’t bad, although considering  the Fly6 retails for a hefty $169 I'd expect a full 1080p image quality. 

Cycliq’s Fly6 is a pretty unique device, and certainly something every bicycling enthusiast should look into. It’s very easy to use, and comes with a surprising amount of extras, although the lower video capture resolution disappoints. Nevertheless, whether you’re an outdoor bicyclist who’s looking to capture their latest adventure, or you just need the extra assurance when biking through a bustling city, the Fly6 deserves your attention. 

Review by: Tin Salamunic



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