Advancing Tech in the World of Telecoms

Advancing Tech in the World of Telecoms

October 30, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

The world seems to get ever smaller thanks to the ways the advancement of tech has impacted on the ability to communicate quickly and effectively. You may remember the time before cellphones where your only option was to have a fixed landline, and think back to the early days of computing and the rise of the personal computer.

Communication technology has helped countries all over the world to begin opening up new markets for businesses as well as allowing families and friends to keep in touch with each other.

As an example, you could look at the success of telecommunications entrepreneur Ehsan Bayat. In 2002, he helped to create Afghan Wireless Communication Company in his native Afghanistan, stewarding it to become one of the biggest internet and cellphone providers in the country. Three years later, he founded Ariana Radio and Television Network to keep people informed about news and information, and developed education-based programming on a wide range of topics, including health advice and computer training.

Video conferencing
Video conferencing has been a useful communications tool for many years and has the advantage of people being able to see and hear each other in multiple locations. It also means that body language can be taken into account when discussing issues, a helpful way to avoid misunderstandings.

Though earlier iterations of the technology meant that, sometimes, sound and vision were not particularly good quality, the development of high-definition resolution extended the capabilities of systems, and now handheld mobile devices have come into play, allowing many people in locations that had otherwise been unreachable to have discussions and swap information from many thousands of miles away.

Mobile telephony
You may have come across 4G in relation to cellphone technology but are not sure if it's for you. 4G is the short name for the latest generation – the fourth – of the wireless data transmission networks that were set up by the cellphone industry. With the advent of 2G, you could make phone calls and send texts, but it was 3G that opened up the mobile world so that you could surf the web, download music and games, and make video calls while on the move.

4G has meant that operators have been upgrading their infrastructure and networks so that data transmission gets close to speeds you might have in your broadband at home or at work. Fast downloading of data, whether it's apps, music, or video, will make your mobile life much easier.

Wi-Fi Calling
If you are in an area that has Wi-Fi but cellular cover is poor, you could use a service called Wi-Fi Calling to make your calls and get your other mobile services via the Wi-Fi system. All major phone operators have Wi-Fi Calling systems, so explore the options with your operator should you need to.

There is no doubt that tech will continue to advance in the world of telecoms, making connectivity faster and easier as the world becomes more and more wireless.

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