How Gaming Companies Now Use Social Media to Market Their Products

How Gaming Companies Now Use Social Media to Market Their Products

September 9, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Social media has quickly become one of the business world’s most important marketing tools, enabling companies to engage with existing and potential customers like never before. Gaming companies are no exception; using a variety of platforms including Facebook and Twitter, video sharing sites such as YouTube, conversational apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, in-game social networks, online forums, and good old-fashioned advertising campaigns, both big and independent games developers are able to engage with audiences like never before. 

Social media allows companies to engage with players, and to connect them to every aspect of the gaming world. For example, games such as Candy Crush exist within social media platforms such as Facebook, encouraging players to interact with the developers and their other creations. This is using social media to market a game within a game, and has been hugely successful, if the number of users is anything to go by. More than that, though, social media creates interaction between players and developers. In-game messaging, integrated video sharing, the ability to share achievements with friends and opponents via Facebook and Twitter, and second-screen technology, in which players use a smart phone to complete certain elements of a game, as in GTA V, all add a whole new dimension to the gaming experience. 

Tips for marketing your game via social media
There are numerous different marketing methods that utilize social media, including viral videos, specially created advertisements, in-game social networks, and integrated video sharing, as well as pop-up adverts and purposefully created apps. Whether you’re a gaming professional or an independent developer it is certainly worth investigating social media and its marketing merits, but remember:

• Interact. Don’t use social media to simply tell somebody about your gaming innovations – show them, engage with them, and discover how they feel about elements of your creation. Build upon your audience’s constructive criticism and you’ll find it much easier to create something of which you’re proud, as well as enabling your players to feel as though they’ve played a part in its development.

• Blend the online and offline worlds. Create marketing that can be accessed within the game and in the real world, enabling gamers to view content even when they’re not playing.

• Turn to the experts. When in doubt, consult the expertise of a professional advertising agency, such as the Matomy Media Group. They specialize in cross-channel campaigns, such as those that use social media, and can direct you if you’re ever unsure. In addition, Matomy posts frequent helpful advice and guidance, which is incredibly useful to those who may be a little green when it comes to social media marketing.

• Enable integrated video sharing. Games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops and Grand Theft Auto V allow users to capture the action as they play, which can then be shared on streaming sites such as YouTube – why not allow your players to become part of your marketing campaign?

Despite its stratospheric heights, social media’s popularity continues to rise, and it now dominates almost every aspect of our lives. The world of gaming is no exception, and more and more players are being targeted via social media. After all, it’s only right that some of the world’s most exceptional technology be marketed in this way.

Article by: Cheryl S.

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