The Ultimate Game Cave: Tips to Make Your Game Room Sexier

The Ultimate Game Cave: Tips to Make Your Game Room Sexier

August 14, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

The game room—it’s every guy’s dream. Ever since we were little, when our parents would send us down into the basement to play Super Mario Brothers on the spare TV next to the washing machine, we’ve yearned for a space to call our own. It would be a place where we could display all of our classic consoles and mint condition copies of Nintendo Power. It would also be the optimal environment for getting down to the serious business of gaming. Now we’re older and this dream can finally be a reality. The question is, how do we design the perfect gaming space? We know we don’t want it to be anywhere near the washing machine, but how can we optimize the space to celebrate the stuff we love while ensuring a fully engrossing gaming experience? Here are just a few tips for making your contemporary game room as sexy as possible.

Let There Be (Some) Light
Your game room lighting should serve two purposes. It needs to both set the mood for your game-centric man cave while also providing optimal viewing for your screen. Start by painting the walls a dark color, especially behind the display. This will help your games “pop” off the screen while also reducing eye strain. When choosing the position of your lights, try to keep them behind you or to the side as to not distract you during a particularly intense session of "Call of Duty." Neon lights are actually a great choice. They help capture the nostalgia of gaming’s early days while providing a soft, soothing glow to your game room. And who can say no to these awesome retro-inspired arcade signs?

Maximize Your Space
A game room doesn’t have to be huge to be awesome. In fact a small room can provide a more intimate, immersive gaming experience. You just need the right setup for your space. This gaming stand from Phoenix has a stylish, compact design and can support a large high-def flat screen, several consoles and all of your accessories. Gamers cherish the comfort of a good seat, and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of these for your inaugural gaming get-together. A sectional couch is always a good place to start. However you might want to consider having a few more mobile options as well so that your guest can find the exact viewing angle that suits them. If you don’t have a lot of space, a storage ottoman can be great way to kill a few angry birds with one stone. Not only does it provide extra seating, but it can also store all of your controllers and games during downtime.

Move it Outside
Maybe your childhood cramped in the basement has made you a little weary of indoor spaces. No problem. Just move your game room outdoors. These days, there are whole lines of TV’s and water-proof enclosures that can stand up to harsh weather and extreme temperatures. An outdoor gaming room also lets you truly luxuriate. No need for any chairs. Just go with this inflatable, jetted spa from Intex. It holds up to four people, so you and your friends can relive your glory days of playing "GoldenEye" on a split screen while soaking up some sun on the back deck. It definitely beats the dorm room.

Article by: Cherie Nelson

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