Setting up Your Perfect Gaming Pad

Setting up Your Perfect Gaming Pad

August 3, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

If you love to game, then you need a space that is all about your passion. If you have an extra room, you should consider making it into your perfect space for gaming and entertaining with your gamer friends and family. Here are a few things to think about when planning your space.

How Many Gamers?
If you live with others that like to game, or if you like to have friends over to enjoy gaming together, then you need to consider this in the beginning stages of planning your gaming room. Even smaller rooms can make a great gaming pad if they are designed properly.

Retro Gamers
Not everyone just uses a PC or console for games. There are gamers that are passionate about retro-style arcade games. These can take up a lot of space and you stand to play them most of the time. This type of gamer will want to arrange games along the walls of the room. If you don't always want to stand to play, then some stools that are of a comfortable height might be a good option. Make sure to avoid stools with no back support. Plugging in lots of games may require additional outlets to be installed. Check and make sure that you are not overloading outlets.

Lighting and Glare
For a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience, it is essential that you have good control over the light in your room. Fixtures can have dimmer switches added that will allow you brighten or darken a room with ease. You will also want to purchase wooden shutters so that you can eliminate any glare on screens. Shutters will also help add privacy to the room and make it more energy efficient.

The Ideal Chairs and Seating Arrangement
A few comfortable chairs with good orthopedic support are all you need for a couple of friends to enjoy gaming. Larger sectional sofas can offer a lot of seating options and make better use of space if you have a lot of company or a family. Small end tables help provide a handy spot for snacks and drinks. There are some sofas that have drink holders and storage built into them.

Monitors and Televisions
Screens are important when it comes to gaming. Luckily, a very clear picture can be had for a bargain price, thanks to advances in televisions. A gaming room should have a flat panel LCD or LED television that can be mounted on the wall. Get the size of television with which you are most comfortable. The size of your gaming room might be a factor. If you plan on sitting further away, then you may want a larger model. Small gaming rooms may be just fine with a 37-inch television. Game rooms for those that want the ability for multiple people to play different games at the same time might opt for one large screen and then a few smaller ones. 

Take Your Time
Creating your gaming space is something that can be done over time. After you designate the area that is to be that space, you can start making changes and improvements one at a time. This can make it more affordable and easy to accomplish.

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