Paperbound: Updates and an Epic Sale

Paperbound: Updates and an Epic Sale

August 6, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Paperbound has become quite the smash hit around our office. It's become the go-to party game every Friday night, and it even replaced our monthly Smash Bros. office tournaments. When we reviewed the game back in March, we praised it for its simplicity and addictive gameplay. Here's an excerpt from Erin's review: "With the tap of the triangle button, you change the orientation of the gravitational pull on your character. This single mechanic gives the gameplay an entirely unique angle, making it an experience I can’t say I’ve had before. And when you have four people all swapping their character’s gravity constantly, it makes for some hilarious chaos."

Developer Dissident Logic just announced a series of updates, and an epic sale. The upcoming update will include a campaign mode for solo/coop, a new secret game mode, randomized match rotation, and game mutators for more variety. The update is set to launch later this month. No specific date has been given at this time. Furthermore, as part of SCEA's Summer Blast sale Paperbound is now 50% off. The sale goes until 8-12 noon PST. If you haven't checked out Paperbound, there's never been a better chance.

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