Rise of Incarnates Release Date Announced

June 10, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Ready for another free-to-play? On July 1, BANDAI NAMCOM Entertainment America is bringing us Rise of Incarnates, a 2v2 arena PC game on Steam. The characters that you can pick from come from the lore of different global regions. For instance, you can play as Loki! No, not the one from the Marvel comics. This Loki is a fat middle-aged pimp in a yellow, alligator-leather jacket. Not what you were expecting? Well, he can turn into a molten rock and lava monster! Okay, so maybe nowhere near what you were thinking when you read Loki.

The is at least worth checking out! You can play characters like Ares and Odin on launch. They will be releasing Zeus as a playable character as well as a new map: Washington D.C. The game is a bit out there, but it is free-to-play. They will be live streaming the launch on Twitch TV at 2:00 PM PST, so head over to their website and check out Rise of Incarnates.

News by: Mike Ackerman 

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