3 Tips for Effective Video Backup

3 Tips for Effective Video Backup

June 4, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

We have all heard horror stories about computer crashes and years of lost files. Your computer is at a lot of risk between physical disasters, such as flood or fires, viruses, hacking, being dropped and outdated hardware and software. And while losing video files that are impossible to recreate is devastating, you can take action to prevent this from happening. Whether you are an amateur or professional videographer, it is important to invest your time, energy and maybe a little money into keeping your video files safe and secure.

Labeling and Organization
A simple measure you can take to protect your files is to properly label and organize them. Organization of directories, or folders, helps prevent videos from accidentally being deleted or lost. Naming your file with a description and date is one of the most effective methods of organization, but you need to develop a system that makes sense to you so you can easily find what you're looking for.

External Hard Drive
A survey conducted by Seagate found that 54 percent of individuals surveyed had lost valuable files from their computer at one point. They also found that only 10 percent of people back up their files on a daily basis and a surprising 25 percent never back up their digital data. Many use thumb drives to transfer data and back up copies of work; however, these drives are so small that they’re easy to lose.

Utilizing a desktop external hard drive for storage and backup is one of the most reliable methods of keeping your video files safe. For example, the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive comes with 2 to 8 terrabytes of space. It features easy-to-use software, a mobile backup app, automatic saving of photos and video from social networks (Facebook, Flickr and YouTube) and an easy sharing platform for files transferred between PCs and Macs. It allows you to schedule the frequency of your backups, such as daily, weekly or continuously.

Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is a convenient and efficient system for backing up your valuable data. It ensures that it doesn't get lost, since it is not stored in a physical location, and it is less likely to be completely lost due to a natural disaster or other physical catastrophe. Mozy is a good cloud storage option because it supports data storage and management for both Windows and Mac OS X. Mozy’s most notable feature is its “restore manager,” which is a software tool that simplifies the retrieval process from the Mozy cloud. Users can restore the last version of any file that has been automatically backed up or the previous copies that had been backed up within a thirty or ninety day period.

Don’t risk losing your valuable videos, and take the extra measures to store and protect them. As reliable as your laptop or desktop might seem, accidents, hard drive failures, viruses and natural disasters do happen. Create a sound backup plan for your videos, so you can rest assured that your files are protected in a safe place.

Article by: Cherie Nelson

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