Koei Announces Samurai Warriors 4-II

Koei Tecmo Announces Samurai Warriors 4-II

May 22, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Is that Samurai Warriors 42? Nope, that’s Samurai Warrior 4, the 2nd. This latest installment of the Samurai Warriors franchise is a tad different. Samurai Warriors 4-II focuses on 13 new samurai as you play through 13 new chapters. The game also includes a revamped battle system and a new game mode called Endless Castle. Endless Castle is exactly what it sounds like; you race against the clock to see how far you can advance through levels, and try to get as far as possible before dying.

Samurai Warriors 4-II will be released on October 2nd for PlayStation 4. It will also finds its way to PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PC via digital downloads. More information will be coming out in the coming months and we will be sure to let you know when it is revealed. In the meantime, why not brush up on your Samurai Warrior 4? We gave it a 9.5 in our review, and it was one of our top ten games of last year.

News by: Mike Ackerman

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