Augmented Reality Game Redefines Fear

Augmented Reality Game Redefines Fear

May 12, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

What is the one place you feel most comfortable? Did you say, home? What if I told you there was new game that turned your home—or any dark place—into a terrifying nightmare? That’s exactly what an Indiegogo campaign is attempting to do, with just the use of your cellphone and a pair of headphones.

Night Terrors, a survival horror game, looks to break the preconceived notions of how we view augmented reality. The game is played, ideally, at home and in the dark. Wearing a pair of headphones, you navigate your way through your dark house, with only your cellphone. Using nearly every sensor packed into your phone, as well as the camera and flash, you delve into a dark mystery. A mystery where you need to survive and save an eight year-old girl from things from your worst dreams. These hours aren’t just 3D rendered graphics, instead, the developers chose to film actual actors—you know, for extra scares. The game itself, maps your house as you go and utilized binaural audio to fool your mind into thinking things are actually around you. Restless spirit in the next room? No, that’s just the game muffling the sound to sounds like something is in the next room; or is it? Looking for a good scare? Head over to the Indiegogo campaign and support the devs on their mission to make you scared of the dark.

News by: Mike Ackerman 

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