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Gore, violence, gunplay, slow motion totally awesome bullet time effects that show off all the giblets flying around on screen… Well, that only describes one possible title: Killing Floor 2, one of my most anticipated games of this year. I took some time to play the beta and got to see exactly what Tripwire has up their sleeve for the upcoming release. What’s the verdict, you ask? Well, the verdict is as follows: this is without a doubt a day one purchase. If you’re a fan of the previous game, you will love the second outing. If this is your first time, then welcome. You’ll enjoy your stay.

As a fan of the previous title I put a few dozen hours into the game grinding perks, massacring wave after wave of Zeds, and exploring the intricacies and nuances of gunplay. It didn’t really get old, especially considering the reasonably priced DLC and holiday events that became a staple of the first game. All of that exists here in Killing Floor 2 – well, we have yet to see how the DLC and holiday events are going to be handled -- but it’s got more polish, more attention to detail, and even more gore. Honestly it feels a lot like the first game, but considering how great the first one was that’s not at all a bad thing. 

The way that Killing Floor 2 handles gore is undeniably over the top. Limbs can be severed in precise places, heads explode sending eyeballs and brain matter soaring across the screen, entrails go flying through the air, and eventually the entire map will be soaked in the blood of your Zed enemies. All that easily comes with the territory, the name of the game is after all Killing Floor, but the new graphical upgrades, the brilliant gib animations, and the way it all flows together so seamlessly makes the awesome violence a thing of absolute beauty.

"What’s the verdict, you ask? Well, the verdict is as follows: this is without a doubt a day one purchase."

There’s more to Killing Floor 2 than just the way it provocatively displays the entrails of your enemies though. The gunplay is almost unparalleled. Tripwire obviously put a lot of time and research into exactly how guns should feel and handle and everything is captured so fluidly. The reload animations, the actual way characters pull the trigger, even the ADS feel spot on. There’s a sense of weight to each and every gun and they all feel so good to fire (even the standard sidearms) making each gun an absolute blast to use. 

There’s more of a focus on melee combat this time around. The introduction of new and imaginative melee weapons makes Zed carnage fun, even up close. Standard items like katanas and machetes are readily available, but Tripwire has gone the extra mile and introduced some cool new ways to hack up Zeds with weapons like lawnmower blades, and the pulverizer – a sledgehammer capable to dealing massive damage by pumping an enemy full of giant bullets with each strike. People are sure to have fun fighting with Zeds toe-to-toe.  

"Killing Floor 2 officially goes into Steam’s early access on April 21st for $30. Don’t hesitate, get yourself a copy as soon as it comes out."

During my time with the beta there has already been one extensive patch released that totally changed the way classes earned Dosh, the game’s currency. It seems that before the patch certain classes were able to earn Dosh a bit more easily than others making some of them more favorable, but Tripwire has already addressed that issue causing an almost immediate change to team layouts, making them more balanced in terms of classes. 

Killing Floor 2 is going to be in early access upon its release, so it’s excusable that it only has three maps as of right now, but I hope to see more soon. The gun selection is rather limited as well, but I’m sure that too will be bolstered in the coming months. As of writing there are only four playable perks, but each one operates distinctively different than the rest. Tripwire has announced that they will eventually have 10 perks in total, so I look forward to seeing how they will continue to balance new perks as they’re released. With more selection, and more map choices Killing Floor 2 will no doubt be one of the best co-op experiences on the PC. 

Killing Floor 2 officially goes into Steam’s early access on April 21st for $30. Don’t hesitate, get yourself a copy as soon as it comes out. With other titles like Red Orchestra, and Rising Storm it’s necessary to point out that Tripwire’s track record is second-to-none and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this game. 

Preview by: Palmer Sturman | Previewed on: PC


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