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I adore the Dead or Alive franchise. When I recently reviewed Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on the Playstation 4, I praised it for being the most complete and most polished DOA experience to date. When Team Ninja announced they were working on a PC version, I was ecstatic. After all, the idea of playing through the definitive DOA version with improved visuals and mod support sounded like a foolproof plan. 

Unfortunately, Dead or Alive 5 on the PC is outright heartbreaking. I’m not sure what happened. Key features are missing, graphics options are lacking, and there’s even absent content. How could Team Ninja mess up so badly? I knew something was wrong the moment I started downloading the game file. The PS4 download was a whopping 20GB, whereas the Steam version is just a little over 6GB. Even though file types between platforms vary, with some compressing differently than others, the size disparity between the two versions doesn’t seem right. 

After the installation, I was treated to an awfully embarrassing settings screen: resolution, shadow, shadow resolution and anti aliasing. That’s it. Even those few settings are barebones. Resolution settings have no 1440p support, and the anti aliasing can only be toggled between on and off. Where are the rest of the basic graphics settings seen in every single game that comes out these days? It’s tragic. And what happened to the Soft Engine? Both the Xbox One and PS4 version benefited from the technology, giving characters softer and more realistic skins. Why was this removed from the PC port? Why?! 

As soon as I entered the VS mode, I noticed two stages missing: Danger Zone and Crimson Stage. However, the worst offender has to be the lack of Online Support. According to Tecmo, online features will be added in the next three months. Three months? Yes, one of the most imperative modes is missing on launch day. Shame on you Tecmo. If if all that BS isn’t enough, there’s no Steam trophy support for completionist gamers. There are no further words that can describe the atrocity that is the PC version of DOA 5: Last Round. It’s tragic, because this is a superb title that deserves so much more.

Article by: Tin Salamunic


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