What We Want in Fifa 16

What We Want in Fifa 16.

February 10, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Every year EA Sports manages to outdo themselves. The jewel in their crown, Fifa, once again garnered critical acclaim. After having a full year to come to grips with the advanced technology of the next-generation consoles, EA, as to be expected, gave us the most realistic soccer game of all time. With the much fabled IGNITE game engine starting to bear fruit-i.e. the increased artificial intelligence has significantly bettered Fifa-and the depth of content being extended, the game really cannot be far from its zenith. Luckily we live in a world where no game should ever get to reach their zenith. Granted, we are running out of superlatives to lavish Fifa with, but the cold hard truth is the game can be bettered. Here is what we would like to see in 2015.

More International Sides

This is only a minor critique but a critique nonetheless. EA currently includes 47 international sides in their current product. You would have to be slightly moronic to suggest that there are not enough sides to play with. But, and it is a big but, for a game that strives to become the undisputed top-sports game of all time it is the furthering of details like this which make you stand out. If you look at some of the countries that people back in the international football betting you soon realize that people have an appetite for nations outside of Europe. African nations especially are woefully underrepresented on the game.

Get Cristiano Ronaldo

It is sound logic having Lionel Messi on the front cover for he is one of the greatest players to have ever played the game. However, right now he isn’t the greatest player in the world; that honor has belonged to Cristiano Ronaldo for the past two years. How can you market yourself as the soccer game to play when you don’t have the current world’s greatest on your front. By no means get rid of Messi, have him on the front with Ronaldo. Soccer is divided into Team Messi and Team Ronaldo so why don’t EA try to incorporate that into Fifa. You could have scenario modes featuring the memorable moments of both careers as well as silly little head-to-head challenges. Unlike Messi’s future at Barcelona, one thing is for sure: having Ronaldo and Messi on the front cover will make plenty of change.

Don’t Touch FUT

Fifa Ultimate Team is the best mode of Fifa, period. The online season mode which sees you try and make it to the top division whilst creating a squad is not far shy of perfection. People enjoy the mode profusely, while the servers they run on are top notch. You may wonder what the point of this point is as not changing it doesn’t better the product. That is a valid point, but at the same time changing FUT can also damage the mode, making it far less enjoyable for us the fan. EA should know all about fan backlash over missing or different modes after their horribly received NHL 15, a game savaged by its customers for the removal of their favored game modes.

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