Nebula Ignites Sci-Fi Fans Worldwide

Nebula Ignites Sci-Fi Fans Worldwide

February 19, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

Browsing Kickstarter can, at times, be just as fun as binge watching your new favorite show on Netflix. You just never know what kind of bizarre, horrifying or magical campaign you might stumble upon. In any case, when you do find something that looks promising, it's almost like Christmas. That's how it's bound to feel for many people when they discover Nebula Online.

Nebula Online is a new Kickstarter that is currently just entering the alpha stages. The game is a sci-fi MMORPG that takes place primarily in space. We'll just let you know the two best parts now; first, there is no monthly subscription fee and second, there are no in game purchases. Once you've bought the game, that's it, you're done.

Players get to choose from one of three playable races; each with their own style and traits. The humans are very much engineers, the Borguzands rely on bio-mechanical evolution that they use to grow their ships, while the Kriptizids are an ancient race that keep themselves secluded; so there's little known about them. Players also get to build their own ships with randomly generated stats and collect resources throughout the galaxy. Probably the most promising feature, the one that separates Nebula Online from others in the genre, is the ability to land on individual planets. The ability to explore alien worlds for resources is certainly a huge selling point.

The game is slated to launch for $60, but if you back it now, you can get it for around $19 USD, and it will be available for PC, Mac and Linux. So head over to their Kickstarter page and take a look for yourself. You might be surprised how promising this game looks.

News by: Mike Ackerman

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