10 Upcoming Games to Be Excited About

10 Upcoming Games to Be Excited About

February 25, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

The new console generation has already delivered some remarkable titles, and it looks like things are only getting better in 2015. With a year already behind us, both Sony and Microsoft ironed out a lot of their flaws, and game developers are becoming more accustomed to both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 hardware capabilities. Game developers like Electronic Arts and Activision are already developing next-gen sequels to some of their biggest franchises, so theoretically we can expect impressive blockbusters this year. But EA and Activision aren't the only ones making waves in 2015. Below are some of the most intriguing titles slated for release this year. These are just some of the many exciting upcoming releases, and we'd love to hear what games you're personally looking forward to. Leave your throughts in the comments section below.

F1 2015

Last year’s Formula One release wasn't the vast technological leap everyone hoped for. But on the real world track, we were treated to one of the most pulsating events in the history of the sport; With Mercedes team-mates Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton pushing each other to the final race in Abu Dhabi. Curious who might claim the trophy in the next championship? Why not take a look at the Formula One betting to see if you can win some money to put towards Codemaster's next entry? While the action in the real world was sublime, Last year's F1 game suffered from repetition and lack of innovation. This was certainly not befitting one of the greatest seasons in the sport's history.

Thankfully, Codemasters have decided to completely overhaul their next game, building it from the ground up to fully take advantage of the next-gen hardware. There isn’t much known about F1 2015 at this point, but we've been told that there'll be a completely new game engine which will deliver uber-realistic gameplay and visuals. The fundamentals seem sound. Who wouldn’t want to race around some of the most iconic courses in the world in an F1 car? As long as Codemasters can bring back the immersion of their past entries, we should be in for a treat.

The Order: 1886

Okay, this game has just been released. But it still warrants a mention as most of us are yet to add it to our collection.The Order: 1886 takes place in an alternative version of Victorian London, where you're tasked with keeping the world safe from half-breed monsters. The Order prides itself in its macabre storytelling and breathtaking scenery. If you're someone who craves traditional, narrative driven adventures, The Order is worth a look, even if it's just for its impressive technological showcase. The game's production values really do beggar belief, and it serves as a great platform for other games to build on.


Rime is shaping up to be a huge success. Tequila Works have been working non-stop in crafting a unique, open world, adventure/puzzle game. The premise revolves around players attempting to escape an island where your character has been stranded. Instead of guns and gadgetry, players need to use their wit to overcome Rime's environmental puzzles. 

With artisan graphics and landscape visuals that Rockstar would be proud of, the game looks like it is going to tick all the right boxes, and with it being an open world, expect it to take a considerable length of time to complete. Imagine Wind Waker, but with broader, more diverse vistas. With an age rating of seven, expect it to be one of Sony’s biggest selling games of the year.


Due to Wii U's primarily younger audience, M-Rated shooters have been a rarity on Nintendo's struggling console. Splatoon is hoping to buck the trend with a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach to the genre. Instead of guns and bullets, you have squids and ink. Instead of crimson red, you get a whole host of different colors. This colorful game sees you join one of two teams, both of which are tasked with covering the arena in the color of your team. Of course, with it being a game for the Wii U, there are loads of other fun things to do. Not only can you daze the opposition by spraying them, you can transform into squids, go stomping in the ink and jet-pack across the map.

No Man's Sky

Following its presentation at The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience, No Man’s Sky's hype has been escalating weekly. The game, which has been developed by British-based Hello Games, takes place in a procedurally generated open universe. For those unfamiliar with procedurally generated worlds, it means graphic content does not have to be pre-rendered artwork and can actually be generated by the host computer. The best example of this would be Minecraft.

Your role is to explore the galaxy in your spacecraft. You’ll be traveling from planet to planet, exploring the surfaces-trying to keep your jaw in place-and embarking in dogfights with hostile forces. Much like Minecraft, players will be able to share details of planets they have visited with other online players. Players will also be able to visit these new planets once they have upgraded their ship for hyperdrive capabilities. Honestly, this game sounds amazing. To really put the cherry on the cake, there are even space dinosaurs!

Star Wars: Battlefront

As excited as we were to find out that there would be a new Star Wars movie this year, it is not quite tantamount with the frenzy gamers were whipped into when told that there would be a new Star Wars: Battlefront. Before talking about the new game, let’s quickly take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the two earlier installments, the second of which was released ten years ago. To highlight just how good the games are, they are one of the few PS2 games that still play marvelously to this day, despite the aging graphics.

What's not to like about running around as a Wookie shooting various drones on the planet of Naboo? Also, you are not restricted to being the good guy. If you are a fan of General Grievous and want to come under his command, you can. Rumors are circulating about what the game’s campaign mode will be like, and if it is half as good as the rumors, then we are going to be getting one absolutely monstrous game. Early talk suggests that the user will embark on some missions from the Return of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, all of the major missions involved in the original trilogy are expected to be playable, and it has even been suggested that early parts of The Force Awakens will also be available to players. Here’s hoping the story mode is as extensive as it sounds. The thought of going up against Jabba the Hutt, Boba Fett and Darth Vader is just… there really isn’t an adjective to do it justice!

Also, say what you want about EA, but no one can deny their impressive Frostbite 3.0 game engine. We all saw how good Battlefield 4 looked, and in essence, EA's FPS mammoth isn’t too dissimilar from Battlefront. So, expect it to make the grade. With one of the most advanced game engines around, combined with impeccable art direction and an already solid and well received narrative, it seems harder for Battlefront to be anything but a success. We have waited long and hard for this game. Here’s hoping the long wait was worthwhile. 

Star Citizen

Star Citizen already has its place in history. It is the biggest crowd-funded game ever to be developed. All in all, the developers managed to amass $52 million in contributions, whilst circumnavigating Kickstarter. Chris Roberts had already tasted success as the designer of the classic Wing Commander game and hasn't strayed too far from his successful path. 

Star Citizen is a space combat and trading simulator. The game is open ended, with diverse paths and missions structures. Gamers are allowed to do whatever they feel like in the far reaches of the black abyss. But what's really exciting is that the game will have some degree of Oculus Rift capabilities. For those who don’t know what the Oculus Rift is, it is a virtual reality headset. We're pretty thrilled for the final release.

Halo 5: Guardians

Does anything really need to be said about Microsoft's greatest IP? We’ll all buy it and we will all be delighted with it. Anyway, because it's Halo we may as well talk about it briefly. Bar this picture, which has been suggested to be taken from an upcoming live action trailer, we know nothing. In all fairness, we should much prefer it to be that way.

We do know that Steven Spielberg is currently directing a Halo TV series that will run in conjunction with the game but they have been pretty stem on that one as well. Showtime and Microsoft are in the process of finalizing the contract, but talk suggests the show should be hitting our screens this Autumn.

Quantum Break

The logic behind Quantum Break borders on insanity. The logistics of the game seem extremely difficult to produce. But if Remedy Entertainment and Microsoft Studios manage to form a cohesive and captivating narrative, then they have opened a whole new can of worms. A can of worms that we cannot wait to devour.

Snippets of the plot have been given to the public, but not a lot. All we really know is that a time travel experiment at the fictional North Eastern U.S. Riverport University has gone horribly wrong. The failed research not only causes time to start breaking down, but it also enables Jack Joyce, Beth Wilder and Paul Serene-the three main characters-to manipulate time. The main antagonist, Serene, has the ability to look into the future in order to help him shape his decisions in the present, while Joyce has the power to stop time. Anything to do with time usually makes for a good game, but this title is really pushing the boundaries. The game will have a digital live-action television series running in tandem with the game. These digital episodes will interact with the game based on decisions made by the gamer.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Is this the end of Nathan Drake? The title sounds pretty ominous but we have all fallen victim to marketing ploys in the past. The trailer we saw at the E3 Expo showed Drake looking pretty beat up, but when is he not? It also showed some phenomenal visuals that are befitting both the game and the next generation consoles. If this is the end of Drake, expect Naughty Dog to make him go out with a bang. Could we see the series continue with a new titular character? Probably not. So, if the title is anything to go by, then this is Nathan Drake’s final swan song.

Article by: Celia Roche

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