New Pokémon Film Debuts in February

New POKEMON Feature Film Debuts on DVD and as Manga Adaptation In February!

January 29, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

If you're into any type of anime or manga, then you are more than likely familiar with the name VIZ Media. They have brought us Westerners some amazing content over the years and that doesn't seem to be changing. VIZ Media will be bringing our Pokémon fix, come February 17th, in the form of a new movie, Pokémon The Movie: Diancie and The Cocoon of Destruction (which just happens to be the 17th Pokémon film), and a new mange.

Pokémon has changed a whole lot since the original 151. We're now up to Generation VI and nearing a whopping 800 different types of Pokémon. VIZ Media's upcoming movie and mange release will be featuring one of the newest legendary Pokémon, Diancie. The movie is headed to DVD in the U.S. for $19.97, while the mange will be only $9.99. Of course, this brand new story revolves around Ash and Pikachu, as they attempt to foil the villainous Team Rocket and save the Diamond Domain. So be sure to keep and eye out for both the movie and mange at your local shops!

News by: Mike Ackerman

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