Battle with Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters

Collect, Roll, Evolve and Battle with Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters.

January 30, 2015

/ by Tin Salamunic

We here at The Game Scouts love video games and it if you're reading this, then it's probably safe to assume you share similar interests with us. While we love sitting down playing different types of games, one of our favorites are board games. So whether it's playing Hearthstone on an iPad or playing a tabletop game with our friends, we can easily say we just love gaming in general. That's why we're so excited to share this story with you.

Today we are going to be taking a quick look at the newly released, Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters! That's right, we're going back to 2001 with this one. WizKids Games has brought the classic Dice Masters game from the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe to North America this week in the form of their Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters Starter Set.

The set includes 44 dice, 22 cards, two dices bags and, of course, the rule book. It is retailing for $14.99 here in the U.S. and will available on January 31 in Europe. This is only the beginning for Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters, as WizKids Games as they have also released Gravity Feeds and Play Mats as well. So, if you're in the mood for a little nostalgia or perhaps you are completely new to the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, you won't be disappointed with Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters. It's time to duel!

News by: Mike Ackerman

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