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It seems that many game developers have tried to get into the kinetic game market in recent years, in one way or another. And it seems as though every once in a while a new indie developer attempts to emerge and try to take a piece of the pie—as meager as it usually is. Lyteshot, however, is aiming for so much more.

Lyteshot is a new indie software system that let’s gamers use their cellphones to play real life action games; whether it be a friendly game of capture the flag or a more vicious game of “assassin.” Being open source, Lyteshot gives developers the ability to make cross-platform compatible games for both iOS and Android. Developers will even have the option whether or not they wish to incorporate Lyteshot’s peripherals into their games as well. Right now, Lyteshot’s peripheral looks almost like a small taser. However, instead of electrocuting someone, the end can be equipped with different plastic attachments; such as an assassin’s blade. What’s great is that other developers or even players can create their own attachments using a 3D printer.

The idea seems very developed but the project is in its very early stages. With a Kickstarter being planned for spring 2015, there’s the possibility that Lyteshot could gain some real traction between now and then. And while many developers heading down a similar road may have gotten lost and were never heard from again, Lyteshot’s open source approach might just be the magic ingredient it needs to be successful. Only time will tell at this point, but this may be one project to keep an eye on over the next couple of months.

News by: Mike Ackerman


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