The New SteelSeries Siberia Lineup

October 1, 2014

/ by Tin Salamunic

If you take your gaming even a tiny bit seriously then you know who SteelSeries is; and if you don’t, they’re the leading global manufacturer of fantastic gaming peripherals like keyboards, mice, controllers, and of course, headsets. Theirs is a brand of headset known as much for their comfort as they are for the raw quality and audio. Their new Siberia line of gaming headsets seeks to meet the ever changing needs of gamers, no matter their preference – or budget. 

Up first is the flag ship of the new SteelSeries line, the Siberia v3 Gaming Headset, bringing gamers the iconic Siberia-quality design. Next-generation SteelSeries audio drivers deliver powerful, crisp sound with strong bass to completely redesign the audioscape. The unique headset construction boasts noise-reducing memory foam ear cushions for enhanced sound reduction and optimal comfort. A single-plug cable and a dual-jack extension lets you game on devices that range from PCs and laptops, to mobile devices and consoles. The new Siberia v3 is available in black or white, and is up for grabs at $99.99. 

Next is the Siberia v3 Prism, a headset delivering all the same comfort and features present in the Siberia v3 with the addition of light-up earcups, and personalized performance from the SteelSeries Engine that includes unlimited profile settings backed up with the SteelSeries CloudSync, enhanced noise suppression and auto compression, digital-quality audio, and 16.8 million color options that can be set by the user. The v3 Prism markets at $139.99. 

For the gamer with style, the Siberia Elite Prism is everything you’d expect from a Siberia Elite headset. A slimmer microphone and upgraded soundcard deliver stellar incoming and outgoing audio, backed by all the quality audio features offered by the Siberia Elite platform that was launched last year. Improved ear cushion design makes gaming for longer more comfortable. A testament to their goal of continued innovation, the Siberia Elite Prism can be yours for $199.99.

Last in the line-up is SteelSeries’ economical headset, the new Siberia RAW Prism. It pairs a lightweight design with the comfort you’ve come to love about the Siberia brand, along with many of the features introduced in the v3 series like illuminated earcups, and SteelSeries speaker drivers and Engine software. A new, built-in microphone makes this headset unique among its kind. The addition of a USB connection makes using this headset with your PC, Mac, PS4 and other devices a reality. Retails at $59.99. SteelSeries means business with the v3 line-up of headsets and they seem to have a peripheral for every gamer and price range. 

News by: Robert Ortiz

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