The Early Access Breakthrough Bundle

October 3, 2014

/ by Tin Salamunic

Bundle Stars recently released the first ever bundle of Steam Early Access games and they’re calling it “The Breakthrough Bundle.” This premier bundle gives customers instant access to six new Steam games that have never before been bundled – all for the price of just one. All six games are available as a bundle for only $19.99Which six games are being bundled together? Glad you asked!

Bedlam is a fast paced FPS that’ll hook you with its engrossing storyline and protagonist Heather Quinn, a scientist who becomes trapped in the violent sci-fi games she once used to play. Channel your inner Dungeon Lord with Dwelvers, a game that will pit you against the dungeon crawlers as you build your multi-layered dungeons and unleash your horde of monsters. Calibre 10 Racing lets you experience intense wheel-to-wheel racing paired with elements of FPS gameplay that’ll let you take the driver or gunner’s seat in high concept supercars. If action platformers are more your speed then Shadow Blade: Reload will test your accuracy, speed and brutality as you play as Kuro, a young ninja, through 60 unique levels and traps. GearCity puts you in control of your own car company in this business simulator. You’ll manage employees, build factories and chart your own road to business success. The last game in the bundle is From The Depths, a spectacular sandbox combat game filled with a multitude of ships and campaigns waged across an expanse of countless islands and eight factions. This Breakthrough Bundle is available for a limited time – until October 8th – so get it while it’s hot. 

News by: Robert Ortiz

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