Bandai Namco Unleashes Tank Warfare

October 13, 2014

/ by Tin Salamunic

If you’ve ever had the urge to hop into an ironclad beast and drive heroically into battle on a quest for global domination, then you may just get that chance. Bandai Namco Games is rolling out a brand new free-to-play tank game called Battleline: Steel Warfare. Battleline puts you in the driver seat of your favorite military tanks; whether it be the classic U.S. M1A1 or the terrifying Soviet T34. Invite your friends to create your very own division and push back enemy lines. Upgrade your tank’s shells and gear so that you’re ready for any type of fight.

Battleline: Steel Warfare allows players to battle other players online. Push back the enemy until you’ve conquered not only countries but continents and building bases and capturing the enemy’s will greatly change the outcome of the war. This is the first game made specifically for Westerners by long-time developer Creant Studios and is sure to be the pinnacle of online tank gaming.

News by: Mike Ackerman

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