Transverse: New Sci-Fi MMORPG from the Creators of MechWarrior

September 10, 2014

/ by Tin Salamunic

Piranha Games, the creators of MechWarrior, are working on a new MMORPG set to release in 2015. Transverse is a galactic, flight-based online RPG that takes place in a distant galaxy where science and industry govern the advancement of interstellar progression. The galaxy is on the brink of war between humans on Earth and the trans-humans of the outer colonies. Forced to choose between integration or emigration, they've chosen isolation. With their ability to transfer consciousness into different bodies, the now immortal trans-humans have the ability to advance a pilot's skill by augmenting their host.

Real-time physics-based combat, detailed station and ship construction and massive solar-system-wide player events are at Transverse's core. As a skilled pilot, the players is part of a living and breathing dynamic resource ecosystem where player-generated missions can shift the balance of power in perpetuum. Transverse is already available for pre-order starting at $30 USD. Based on the early teaser footage and screenshots, Transverse looks like it has a lot of potential. It's still too early to tell how the game will separate itself from other MMOs but the concept of consciousness migration sounds intriguing. While MechWarrior Online was met with mixed reviews, it was welcomed by fans of the mech genre. With Transverse, it appears Piranha Games is trying to broaden their audience while still preserving the sci-fi roots of their past titles. Have you guys seen the trailer yet? What are your thoughts?

Transverse Screenshots:

News by: Tin Salamunic

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