The Walking Dead Episode 4 Review

November 8, 2012

/ by Tin Salamunic

Developer(s): Telltale Games
Publisher(s): Telltale Games
Platform(s): Playstation Network, PC, Xbox Arcade, iOS
Review Platform: Xbox 360
Release Date: October 9, 2012

This episode of The Walking Dead game is mostly filler, but it does manage to maintain the momentum of the story, create an experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat, and makes you eager to play the next one.
  • Expertly crafted story
  • Comic book art style
  • Part of "The Walking Dead" canon
  • Survivors we care about
  • Mostly a filler episode to increase the tension of the finale
  • Slightly improved, but still wonky shooting parts
  • Some clipping and floaty movements
Telltale Games has a talent for keeping my interest and every episode leaves me wanting more. With only one more episode left, by the end of this episode, you will have a clear understanding of why this game is so addicting and demanding of multiple playthroughs in the first place. At its best, The Walking Dead game presents you with many decisions about what you would do in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. You reprise the roll of Lee Everett as he struggles to maintain order within your group of survivors. People are dying off left and right, but at the end of this episode, people's true colors begin to show and the group's loyalty to you is put to the ultimate test.

With all of that being said, this episode is mostly filler providing very little insight into the characters themselves and mainly focusing on new revelations within post-apocalyptic Savannah, Georgia. That's all well and good given that these moments are both interesting and intriguing, but The Walking Dead game is all about character development. That way when a member of your group dies, there is an emotional reaction from you, the player. It just seems like Telltale is just killing people off left and right for the hell of it now.

Arguably, a lot of the game's charm comes down to Lee's relationship with Clementine, the little girl who has stuck by his side throughout the entire zombie outbreak. This episode does the best job of creating emotional and drama-filled reactions from both of these characters. If you can look past the return of the wonky shooting sections, this episode will leave you wondering who is really on your side and what will become of both Lee and Clementine. Knowing the nature of The Walking Dead, something even more morbid is just around the corner.

Final Score “The Excellence Continues” 8.0
The graphics are pretty unique for a downloadable title. They match the feel of Kirkman's original comic books.
The wonky shooting parts from Episode 3 return. Other than that, the tried and true gameplay mechanics from the first three episodes works just as well this time around.
Despite this episode being mostly filler, it's still fun to take alternate routes and make different decisions – throughout each individual episode. I honestly can't wait for the next one.
Solid voice acting, great ambient sounds, and best of all – zombie moans! It's all here and it sounds great. Music to my brains!

Review by Michael Engle

Raised on punk rock and video games, Michael Engle remembers a time when Mario was on his second birthday cake and when game reviews weren't biased and contrived. Engle hopes to bring his love of nostalgia and gaming honesty to you. He co-hosts his own video game news podcast, All Your News are Belong to Us. He loves games, writing, music, and not sleeping. All Articles by Michael.

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