Halo 4 "Scanned" Trailer

October 20, 2012

/ by Tin Salamunic

It is fair to say that Halo 4 is easily one of the most anticipated games of 2012, and excitement has just skyrocketed with the release of the newly launch trailer "Scanned" that gives us a rare insight into the mind and history of Master Chief.

In the official launch trailer, we see the probing of the iconic legend's mind by a creature who is attempting to find a weakness in Master Chief. Gamers get a glimpse into the life of the hero before he was a spartan and just a young innocent child that went by the name of John.

We follow John through his experiences under the experiments of Spartan II and the first donning of his iconic armour. This rare insight into the past of such a famed and beloved figure across the gaming community has certainly raised excitement for the game. I for one am counting down the days even more impatiently now! 
The full HD quality trailer is both brilliant aesthetically and in regards to the storyline behind it. The game is released on November 6th for Xbox 360, how exciting!

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